This game is loosely based on actual history. Loosely being the important word. Don’t get hung up on the details. It is a fantasy campaign, after all.

When the Saxons fell, like cattle, before the Norman armies, the Welsh held firm. When the Saxons yielded up their land, the Welsh refused to budge. When the Norman governors claimed Welsh kingdoms as their own, the Welsh demanded payment in blood, and when the Normans still came, and Wales could no longer stand against them, the Welsh acknowledged Norman rule by lip service alone. Beset by Vikings from the coast, and pressed by Norman occupation in the east, Wales stands at a perilous crossroads. The many, fractured kingdoms have never been able to unify long enough to take back their land, and an army split between two fronts is doomed to failure. Yet rumors spread that the Norman king is ill, and the line of succession unclear. Is it possible that this is the time for Wales to reclaim her sovereignty?

And what impact will a small group of travelers, dealing with their own struggles and prejudices, have on the future?

Ann Arbor Adventure

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