Ann Arbor Adventure

The Tower Part III

a battle and an outcome...

Need to actually write up this post:  the big fight – kai shoots things, anfri attacks those coming up the stairs, eira prepares unconscious angharad for sacrifice, branwyn runs to help anfri, defeats mallt, kai jumps down to save angharad from eira, owain and murphy dump holy water on her, causing her to flee; mallt kills herself rather than be a prisoner

purification – angharad pulls the group together to cast a complicated ritual, which has the unexpected result of bringing the tower down around their ears – flee through tunnel eira took to emerge in daylight.  rangers want to follow her, but angharad is reluctant.  reads branwyn's scroll.  decide to head back to angharad's house, take some time to get there

angharad's house – turns out there's a bunch of bad guys circled around angharad's home.  oops what will we do next?



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