• Adelaide de Saint Jean

    Adelaide de Saint Jean

    Though of excellent pedigree, by anyone's standards, Adelaide was not about to be auctioned off for marriage without at least having a say in it...
  • Braenwyn


    Mysterious Ranger
  • Chava


    Orphaned and outcast, Chava is determined to earn her way in the world through the practice of her craft
  • Kai ap Rhys

    Kai ap Rhys

    Youngest and least son of Sir Rhys ap Esgair Ddu, he calls himself 'Dienw ap Rhys', 'nameless', until he can earn his name and honour for his family.
  • Murphy O'Shenanigan

    Murphy O'Shenanigan

    Bound on a mission to bring the true gospel to Britain, Murphy doesn't mind stopping for a pint or two, nor going far out of his way for some good cheese. Another ulterior motive for his coming to Britain is to search for the recipe for heather ale.
  • Owain ap Cwm

    Owain ap Cwm

    Always ready with a smile or a quip, happy to tell tales and sing songs, Owain's feet will take him wide and far in search of adventures to capture in song and verse