Kai ap Rhys

Youngest and least son of Sir Rhys ap Esgair Ddu, he calls himself 'Dienw ap Rhys', 'nameless', until he can earn his name and honour for his family.


The youngest (and least) of the large family of Sir Rhys, Kai was an unexpected surprise.  His mother and sisters doted upon him, the fair-haired baby of the family.  He was a happy, carefree boy until he realised that his brothers all had years ahead of him to try and secure the best honour for the family.  He now tries to be very serious, knowning that he must prove himself (especially after a stern lecture from Father about responsibility), though his best mate Owain can usually trick him into bouts of humour.

Because their family was large, and the inheritance not quite so; instead of breaking it among the children as dictated by tradition, Sir Rhys announced that whomever brought the family the most honour would earn the title and lands.  Now Kai, being a Mum's boy, has been putting off starting on his way – she far prefers he stay home – but he has now managed to begin his journy to being great!  There are times, however, that Owain needs to give him a little push out of panic and into courage.  Once there, however, his determination will out.  Kai tends to follow his instincts which, more often than not, lead him into trouble.


The eldest of the children is Telfert.  He thinks like a Norman, and has assimilated in the invading culture ruthlessly.

Next is Taliesin.  He doesn't care so much about the inheritence, but he absolutely does NOT want Telfert to receive it, and so he has gone on his own questing.

Carys, Kai's eldest sister, was carried away by a Norman.  Because of this, most of the family carries a deep dislike for that race, as well as anger at Telfert for betraying them all.

Geraint isn't a terribly bright fellow, but he is quite strong.  Since he was a lad, he trained for the day Wales could fight for their independance, and that is the path he has chosen.

Brin wants very much to follow in their father's footsteps, but he knows he has to overtake his elder brothers to do it.  This gives him great determination to be all he can.

Kai has a pair of twin elder sisters, Tiwlip and Rhosyn.  Both married for love, and live close by.  They, and the other sisters Seren and Myfanwy, helped their Mother's plan of coddling Kai and keeping him close.  It nearly worked, until Father's talking to set that match under Kai's itchy foot and, together with his Bardic best mate Owain, they're off on their ADVENTURE.




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Kai ap Rhys

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