Brinna Red Boar

Younger daughter of Dennis, proprieter of the Red Boar Inn


Shorter than her sister, but just as shapely, Brinna inheirited her father's darker hair.  The debate amongst the local young men, regarding which of the sisters is prettier, is ongoing, and not likely to be resolved until one of them is married (at which case, the still unmarried one must obviously be prettiest, as if you don't think so you don't stand a chance at winning her, now do you?)

Brinna tends the family livestock, a small covey of geese and chickens, and does a fine job of keeping the stable when there are horses in it.  She is occasionally helped by a young apprentice or two, during heavy travel.  She is also inordinantly proud that their father elected to pass the secret technique for brewing the tavern's ale to her.  As he said, Myrtle knew all the cooking, so it was only fair that Brinna learned something equally useful.

Compared to Myrtle, Brinna is less of a tease, but an equal flirt. 

Brinna Red Boar

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