Ann Arbor Adventure

Cave Sidetrack: Part I
in which a damsel is rescued from distress

So in the end, everyone follows Kai into the cave.  They soon come to a door, which is set into a side tunnel.  Kai immediately tries it, but finds it stuck.  He proceeds to throw his shoulder into the door, and it soon splinters into fragments of rotted wood.  The room appears to have once been a place of storage, which is currently occupied by rotted boxes and moulding bags of grain.  Believing there to be some potential salvage, Kai and Branwyn hurry into the recesses of the room, only to find they have stirred up a nest of some kind of cave crawler, which bites.  The party makes a hasty retreat, and at Kai's insistence, moves deeper into the cave.

They eventually come to a larger path, and as they walk through it, Murphy notices that there was once a set of double doors set into the wall, which have long since turned to mildewed dust.  They begin to enter what appears to be a rather large cavern, when the torches reflect off what seem to be two sets of eight eyes in the distance.  In the concerned silence that follows, the party hears a rattling sort of hiss, and the octets of eyes move toward them.  Kai and Braenwyn stand in the passage, providing protection for the rest of their companions.  In the ensuing fight, Kai strains his arm, and in his zeal to hack the monster to pieces, becomes covered in the slimy green ichor that the scorpion-like creature seems to use for blood.  Branwyn emerges clean and intact, having had some assistance from both Owain (who was ineffective, but distracting) and Kai (once the other monster had been hacked to pieces).  Murphy, endeavoring to be helpful, tosses some holy water in the direction of the creatures, but only succeeds in sprinkling the fighters with it.  Eventually the vile things are slain, and the group proceeds to expore the cavern.  Chava heads directly toward the monster carcasses, intent on gathering potentially useful materials from them (as Murphy looks on in disgust, she calmly retrieves an egg sac and two glands that look like they produce some kind of poison).  When she has wrapped her prizes carefully and tucked them in her bag, Chava does a small magic to remove the crusted green slime from her hands.  Kai is not so lucky, and immediately begins to complain about how itchy the green stuff is.

Branwyn and Owain stumble upon the half-eaten carcass of a horse, and make free with the contents of the saddle bags (some women's jewelry and money was salvageable; the clothing and food was disgusting enough that they let it be).

Kai finds three wooden trap doors set into the floor, and proceeds to heave them open, one at a time.  In the first he spies a skeleton, which he leaves be, but in the second a beautiful young lady is chained.  She calls up in Welsh for help, and Kai (ignoring the fact that the pit is deep and his arm is strained) hops down to save her.  She is fastened to the wall by iron manacles, so Kai promptly grabs one of them and yanks it out of the wall.  He further injures his arm in doing so, and is unable to pull out the other chain.  By this time the rest of the adventurers have appeared, and Owain chastises Kai for being silly.  He then hops down into the hole to help Kai get out.  Kai has no intention of leaving, however, but it forced into it when Chava orders him out.  Owain gives Kai a leg up, and Chava drops down.  She rubs some spit onto one of the manacles, wraps a handkerchief around it, and starts saying something in a language no one else understands.  When she pulls the handkerchief off, the entire chain disintegrates.  Chava then turns to the second chain, but the spell goes awry, and she is unable to do any more casting.  Owain helps her out, and Branwyn pulls her up from the top.  The lady in the hole is now free, although she has a four foot length of chain dangling from a manacle on one of her wrists, and so Owain also gives her a leg up.  Kai then pulls Owain out.

Kai checks the last wooden trap door, to be certain no one else is stuck there, and sees something shining in the dirt.  He immediately hops down to get it, and finds a silver bracelet with an intricate pattern of celtic knots on it.  In order to get Kai out of the hole, Owain again has to hop down to give him a leg up and then be pulled out by Kai.  Having done all this, Kai finally decides to take the time to heal his arm.  Meanwhile, Branwyn has investigated the first hole, seen something shiny, and dropped in herself.  She finds a cloak pin in copper with red stones set into it, and heaves herself out of the hole all on her own.

While Chava, Murphy, and Owain now all want to return to camp, in the interest of getting some food and clothing (she is currently only dressed in a meager and very dirty shift) for the young woman they have rescued, Kai and Branwyn are determined to continue exploring the cave, just in case there are other people trapped in it.

Traveling West: Part V
in which Branwyn returns, and Kai is petulant

The previous evening, having narrowly escaped an unpleasant fate, Braenwyn attempts to travel throughout the night.  Her pace is slow, but sure, as the light from the half-moon sufficiently illuminates the forest.  Eventually, though, even our brave Braenwyn starts to fade, and her horse to limp, after a day of travel and exertion, and, rather than risk falling asleep, and perhaps falling from her horse, the shield-maiden dismounts and uses what foliage she can to create a concealed camp.

As the morning light begins to peer over the mountains, Braenwyn is awakened by the sounds of approaching creatures.  She remains quite still, laying a hand on her horse's head to keep it quiet, and waits, as the sounds approach.  Two creatures, of the same ilk as those from the previous day come into view, one of them carrying a large wicker box, which is apparently the subject of some dispute.  Eventually a fight breaks out, and the creature which had previously not had the box, claims it from his injured companion, and they head off towards the North.  Once they are out of sight (though Braenwyn can still hear them occasionally screeching at each other), she breaks her camp, wolfs down some jerky with a few sparing gulps from her canteen, and examines her horse's wound.  It seems to be festering, although the horse's attitude is very insistent that she is fine.  Braenwyn washes the gashes carefully with some ale she had been holding in reserve, and re-binds the wound.  After some debate, she determines that the travel will be faster mounted, and that the sooner she can find the rest of her companions, the sooner the horse will receive proper attention.  They set off, and are well on their way, continuing downslope, when Braenwyn is alerted to the sound of the creatures coming back.  She spies them running almost at her, the injured one carrying the box, and closely pursued by the creature who had stolen the container earlier.  Frowning, as they will soon be upon her, and she does not care for another close fight with these things, Braenwyn notches an arrow, and lets it fly at the pursuing creature, and, before it even falls, looses another arrow at the creature carrying the box.  Both arrows hit their marks, and kill their targets instantly.  Braenwyn then investigates.  She finds in the box what appears to be a falcon, and gingerly opens the door to let it free.  The bird looks at the woman suspiciously, but eventually climbs out of the box and sits on top of it.  Braenwyn turns her attention to the creatures, ensuring that they are both quite dead, and retrieving her arrows.  In doing so, she notices a belt and pouch around one of the creatures.  Upon further investigation, both appear to be made from the skin of some strange reptile, well-cured, but not artfully constructed, as the clasp for the belt is only a sort of hook.  In the pouch Braenwyn finds six polished gemstones, oval, and nearly as long as the end of her thumb.  Two of the stones are a translucent orange-red.  The other four are milky white.  As they appear to be simple stones, and not tainted or evil, Braenwyn packs the strange belt and pouch into her own things.  At this point, she had expected that the falcon would be long gone, so Braenwyn is surprised to find it still sitting on the box, regarding her with interest.  Braenwyn tries to encourage it to go by making flapping motions.  The falcon responds by stretching its own wings, which makes the break in one of them painfully apparent.  Braenwyn considers a moment, offering the bird a piece of beef jerky, which the bird takes and nibbles on politely.  Thinking that perhaps her friends can also heal the bird, Braenwyn offers the falcon her gloved wrist, and after some consideration, the bird climbs up.  Braenwyn then settles the bird on the pack on her horse, and sets off again.  In a few hours she meets up with Anfri, whom she is delighted to see, and he leads her back to the camp.


Once there, Braenwyn has to relate her story in full to Owain, and be told the story of Kai's adventure (which Braenwyn listens to with a pained expression, obviously doubting Kai's ability to do anything so fantastic.  Meanwhile, Murphy heals both the horse and the bird, who takes off for distant regions.  Kai grumbles about how Owain can never tell a story right unless he has been there, and is rather put out that Braenwyn also had an adventure, and then Owain must complain to Braenwyn about the hedgehog who seems determined to follow him around.  Chava is still working on whatever potion she is concocting, and so the others settle in to tasks in camp.  Kai goes back to brushing his spotless horse, Braenwyn unloads her packs and lets her horse enjoy a good roll on the new spring grass, Murphy continues working on his staff, and Owain, after running around for more bugs for his hedgehog, seems deep in thought, probably composing some new outlandish tale.  Anfri settles down to take a nap.

Eventually Chava asks Murphy what he'd like to test.  Murphy suggests the hood of his cloak, upon which she promptly appropriates the whole thing, dumps it in her cauldron, and continues stirring.  Owain takes the opportunity to tell a fantastial story about how the falcon came to be imprisoned in the box, and to where the creatures were conveying it, ending with how the bird was rescued by Braenwyn from a most unfortunate end as the second course in an elaborate meal for the king of the 'skree critters'.  Braenwyn is thoroughly pleased with the story, although Kai pouts, insisting that the story isn't really about Braenwyn, just about the falcon (which at this point is back, with a small hare, which it is eating near Braenwyn's horse).  Once the story is over, Chava calls attention to the fact that more wood will be needed to last through the night, and pulls Murphy's cloak out of her pot.  To everyone's surprise, it is completely dry, and Chava has a devilish look as she inquires whether there is a stream about, so that they could dunk Murphy in it and see how the waterproofing works.  Everyone assures her that they will let her know if they find anything, and Owain and Murphy set out to gather firewood, while Braenwyn begins setting traps.  In the course of her trap-setting, Braenwyn comes across the entrance to a cave.  Intrigued, she walks in a ways, feeling the wall as she goes, and is interested to note that about a meter in, the wall falls back to what is likely a large cave.  After finishing her traps, she returns to camp to make some torches, planning to return to explore the cave.  Murphy also comes across the cave as he gathers firewood, although he does not venture inside.  He merely mentions it to the others as he comes back to camp.  Chava is at once interested, speculating that there may be water inside the cave, which she could dump on Murphy to see if his cloak worked.  Kai is always up for adventure, and immediately makes a few of his own torches.  Murphy is reluctant, but does not want to be left behind, and Owain is at first not going to come, but Kai makes such a stink about how he can't tell real adventure stories right unless he sees them first-hand, that Owain sets off up the hill even before the others are ready to go.  They quickly catch up with him, and set off, Anfri staying behind, as "Wolves do not do underground places".  Which puts everyone's mind at ease as to having a guard at camp before they set off.

Traveling West: Part IV
in which some of the party is reunited.

Despite a rather harrowing day, Owain finds his dreams to be quite lovely.  He sits, in a beautiful field, drenched with sunshine, and happily playing his lute.  It's one of the best dreams he's ever had.

Kai is not so lucky.  He tosses and turns; the goddess is yelling at him.  She is angry with him for stopping.  Time is short.  Kai is overwhelmed, and frustrated, shouts back at her, and wakes up.  Nervous, and agitated, Kai goes to wake Owain.  Owain, however, is too preoccupied with his own dream to awaken, so, grumbling, Kai pulls on his armor, grabs up his shield, girds his sword, and heads out in an arbitrary direction across the valley.  Shortly he notices the grass in front of him depressing, as if something were moving ahead of him.  By the time it is nearly dawn, he can see the faint outlines of a horse, trotting ahead of him across the plain.  Well, it was a plain before, anyway.  Now it's become much more marshy and wet.  Kai is very drowsy, but his attention is suddenly caught by a shrill whinny from what sounds like a real horse.  Unheeding, Kai rushes toward the sound, only to stop short when he comes upon a black steed, trapped in belly-deep mud.  Almost as soon, he notices the very large snake (longer than he is tall, green, with long, dangerous-looking fangs) making its way to the helpless creature.  Enraged, Kai lunges at the snake, but is dissapointed when his sharp sword does little more than scratch the huge reptile.  Of course, at this point, the snake is much less interested in the horse-shaped food over there than in the person-shaped food that just whacked it.  It lunges for Kai and misses; Kai whacks it again.  The snake does manage to sink its fangs into Kai's armor a few times, but thankfully doesn't manage to pierce the skin.  Eventually, the snake becomes so enraged that it blindly lashes out, and its fangs lodge in a rotting log.  Kai takes the opportunity to slice off the creature's head.  Mildly disgusted, Kai wipes the blade on some marsh grass, stowes it, and turns toward the horse.  His horse.  Proudly, Kai fashions a hackamore from some rope, and manages to get it on the horse's head.  He then attempts to tug the horse out of the muck, but is unsuccessful.  Um, nice try, champ.  Kai frowns at the horse, and then looks for something it can climb up on.  He yanks the snake's dismembered head out of the log, stowing it in a length of cloth that Owain probably intended to use for bandges, and sets it aside.  Kai then rolls the log over to the horse, and with some sweat and tugging, and lunging, the horse manages to heave himself onto the log, and then onto more solid (if still damp) ground.  Kai fetches his trophy (he has great plans for those fangs) and leads the horse back to the edge of the marsh.  Once they are solidly on the grassy plain, Kai ponders if perhaps the horse will let him ride.  Oh, I suppose, if you must.  Kai hops up, and the two set off at a gallop.  On settling himself on the horse's back, Kai has the curious sensation that he had once been the wind, but then they are off, and all he can do is cackle with glee, and imagine how proud of him Owain will be when he gets back.

Owain, meanwhile, with no one to kick him awake when the sun rose, has slept in.  He does eventually wake, and is quite concerned that Kai does not appear to be in camp, although he left behind his bedroll, cloak, and food bag. Perplexed, Owain searches the circumference of camp, thinking perhaps Kai put on all his armor to take a trip to the loo, in case the hedges were dangerous.  When he can't find his friend, Owain sighs, and settles himself on a rock.  He can only assume Kai will come back at some point.  The sun is warm on Owain's face, and he begins to play his lute, rejoicing in the quality of his music on this fine morning.  It seems even the trees and grass are dancing as he plays.  As he nears the end of his song, Owain feels a touch on his boot, which he twitches away.  All of a sudden, there are sharp little claws climbing up his leg.  With a cry of alarm, Owain jumps up, and looks down to see a small woodland creature (a hedgehog) clinging to his leg.  It almost looks as if it is smiling at him.  Owain watches in dismay as the over-friendly creature continues climbing and settles itself on Owain's shoulder.  Owain decides to ignore this, and attempts to begin playing again; however, he is distracted by the hedgehog snuffling his ear.

"Oh no!" Owain cries, "None of that!"  He picks up the critter and sets it on the ground. It looks indignant, and then pouty.  Then it begs for food, so Owain gives it a small piece of his journey bread.  Then he looks up, as Kai gallops in, pretending to blow a trumpet, and generally looking incredibly pleased with himself.  He announces to Owain that he found a horse, and tells a rather fanciful version of his fight with the snake, brandishing the head for proof.  Owain is a little put out that Kai had an adventure without him, but is somewhat mollified by hearing the 'whole story'.  Once they have caught up, Kai goes to clean the mud off his horse… only to discover that he is no longer muddy at all.  Puzzled, Kai puts his brush away, and finds that Owain is trying to shoo away a rather adorable hedgehog.  They pack up their camp, which consists mainly of Owain evicting the hedgehog from his various bags, and eventually giving up, when the creature climbs up to his shoulder again.

Kai and Owain, being unable to find their trail back through the woods, decide to follow the edge of the valley around to the north, which was the direction they had come from, and slightly east, which was the direction they had been traveling, in hopes of coming across their companions.


MurphyChava, and Anfri are snug in a camp near an outcropping of rocks.  Murphy, being worried about the state of their traveling group, did not sleep well, but was somewhat relieved to find that any time he woke, Anfri was still awake and on guard.  Chava slept soundly. She doesn't believe in losing sleep over well, anything.  Plus she has faith in her protection spell.  When Murphy wakes before dawn, and begins to say his prayers, Anfri trots over and announces that he will go see if he can find the others, and tells Murphy to stay at the camp.  Murphy has no objections, but is a little sad when the protection bubble pops as Anfri walks out of it and into the woods.  At least the mist is gone.  Chava soon wakes, and she and Murphy eat their breakfast and chat about things interesting to magic users.  As they are bound to stay in the camp, at least until Anfri returns, the two then settle into various tasks.  Murphy ventures a little outside their circle to search for additional firewood, in case they should need it over the course of the day (the April air is still chilly), and suddenly stops in his tracks.  He could have sworn he heard someone calling his name.  He inquires whether Chava has heard anything,  but of course she hasn't.  Confused, Murphy sets out in the direction of the voice.  After some amount of wandering, he eventually suspects that the voice is coming from a nearby tree.  It looks to be a very old tree, though still entirely sound of limb, with new spring leaves sprouting from every branch.  Murphy examines the tree closely.  He has been thinking a great deal lately about making himself a staff, the better to perform holy rituals with, and he speculates that perhaps this is just the tree for him.  Having gotten to know magical trees a little, however, in his recent adventures, Murphy would not dream of cutting a branch, but instead decides to request it.  He ponders some time the best method for doing this, and eventually decides, as it is close to nones, to observe his usual prayers, and to ask God for guidance with regards to the tree, following this with a general polite inquiry of the tree as to whether he might have a branch.  Murphy is startled, but pleased, when he looks up from his prayers to see a branch extended in his direction.  He takes hold of it, as if to shake hands, and is somewhat startled when it comes off in his light grip.  In his hand, Murphy holds a long stave, of a good diameter and length to make a very suitable staff, with a little trimming.  Oddly, as the tree itself has only leaves, the stave has two sprouts at the top, one with a cluster of red and yellow berries, the other a bunch of rosy-white blossoms.  Murphy stammers his thanks (to the tree, and to God), and hurries back to camp.  He finds Chava, busily engaged making use of the firewood he gathered.  When he inquires, she informs him that she is working on the weatherproofing potion they had discussed several days before.  Murphy is then curious about the ingredients, and is informed that the potion includes candle wax, dried berries, a few beetles of different colors, and some of his 'fancy water'.  She appears to be stirring the concoction with a tail feather from a duck.  Murphy shows her the beginnings of his staff, and offers her the berries from it; Chava declines, concerned about taking a magical gift from the person to whom it was offered.  Upon reflection, Murphy thinks this wise, and when he strips the smaller branches from his stave, he carefully wraps and tucks away the sprigs with the berries and the flowers.  He then settles in to plan out his staff-making, and begins composing another story.

Owain, meanwhile, has spotted smoke, presumably coming from a campfire, so he and Kai alter their course to head for it, assuming that it is one of their friends.  Concerned, however, that it might be bandits or some such, Kai proceeds to scout the territory once they are close.  He spies Chava and Murphy, and jumps out of the bushes to say hi.  Happy to be reunited, the adventurers exchange tales, and settle down to wait for Branwyn (and presumably Anfri) to turn up.  Murphy is a little surprised to hear that Kai and Owain hadn't run into him, and had found them on their own.  Kai is most interested in showing off his horse, and proceeds to brush the horse's spotless coat over and over again.  Of course I should be brushed.  It's only right for me to look my best.  Owain, somewhat glumly, presents his recent acquisition, complaining that it likes journey bread, but he doesn't know what else.  Kai suggests that he might eat beetles, and Chava directs Owain to a few rocks she claims were very good beetle-finding places.  Owain procures a few, and offers them to his tagalong, who is only too happy to accept them, and crunches down on them with glee.  Owain settles himself on the ground, studying the hedgehog, and wondering what on earth he is doing here.

Of a sudden, Owain's mind is filled with a rather fast-paced and circuitous answer.  Like music.  Like you.  Like bread and beetles.  But mostly like you.  Ears smell nice wuffle.  Happy friends.  Like brothers.  Two brothers.  Three sisters.  And mama.  Mama call this one Kip.  Like Kip?  Kip like.  More beetles?  Favorite beetle green one with crunchy crunch.  Also like wormy grubs and berry munches.  Happy sun.  Is naptime now.

Though surprised by this sudden communication, Owain finds it reconciles him to the idea of keeping this Kip around.  In fact, he takes the opportunity to ask Kip to wake him with the sun the following morning.  Owain likes sleeping in, but he is not about to miss any more adventures!

Traveling West: Part III
in which there is a suspicious mist

The party has been traveling for some hours when Anfri spies an unsuspecting rabbit and nabs it for lunch.  As it is nearing midday, everyone stops for a rest, and to eat.  Once they are packing up again, Branwyn pauses, a frown on her face, as she peers out into the woods.  She is certain she saw something out there.

The others look around, and are concerned to see a dense mist creeping up the slope towards them (hitherto it has been a fairly clear day).  Kai is nervous and strides towards the mist with his sword in hand.  Owain calls him back, because the mist is quite dense, and he is worried Kai will get lost if he goes too far.  Kai is about to return to the small clearing where the others are, but suddenly sees the figure of Ceridwen through the trees.  She smiles at him, and flits away.  Kai shouts at her to wait, and runs off after her.  Owain, alarmed, follows.  Murphy grabs his bags and also follows, but pauses because Chava's horse is refusing to budge.  He helps her to get the stubborn animal moving, but by the time they are on their way, they have lost sight of Kai and Owain.  Hoping they are going in the right direction, Murphy moves out, followed by Chava and Branwyn, who is still nervously looking around.  She keeps seeing strange shadows in the mist.

Owain is initially very upset with Kai for leaving the others, but is too concerned about being left behind (and therefore all by himself) to do more than protest indignantly.  Kai pays little to no attention to Owain, and keeps babbling about seeing her, and having to catch up.  He's practically running after some shadow he sees between the trees.

The other three are moving cautiously through the misty forest when they are startled by eerie screeching.  The horses, already spooked, take off, dragging Chava with them.  Murphy rushes to keep up, and miraculously doesn't lose site of them long enough to be left behind.  Chava unsuccessfully tries to stop the horses with a spell, but later manages to calm them through more traditional means.  Once they have stopped, and Murphy (panting for breath) catches up to them, she braids some herbs into their manes to prevent further panics.  

Branwyn's immediate reaction was to mount her own horse and charge off after her companions, but with the mist, and the trees, and trying to keep her seat by ducking under branches, she quickly manages to lose them in the shifting fog.  Frustrated, she dismounts and begins searching for their trail.

Once they realize that they have lost Branwyn as well, Murphy and Chava proceed to be very nervous.  As Murphy points out, they have been separated from all of the people with pointy sticks.  Murphy decides his best alternative is to attempt to call Anfri, who will hopefully be able to reunite them with their companions.  He does this by conjuring the wolf out of the mist.  Anfri is grouchy, but remarkably understanding.  He resumes leading Murphy and Chava down the mountain, although he does it with some grumbling under his breath.

Branwyn eventually finds the tracks of her companions, and begins following them, but soon finds herself approaching a band of those menacing imp creatures.  One hears her approach, and sounds the alarm, so Branwyn strings an arrow and shoots it.  Her next shot goes wide, as the creatures charge her, and she switches to her sword and shield.  One against five, Branwyn is hard pressed.  Her chest armor is shredded, nearly to pieces, and finds herself quickly knocked to the ground.  Luckily for Branwyn, it's actually two against five, because her horse lets forth an indignant whinny, and grabs the creature off of Branwyn's chest and slams it into a tree (2 to 4 now).  Branwyn is able to stand up, and beats away another creature with her shield (2 to 3).  She makes it to her horse, and mounts, with the thought of making a quick exit, but the horse has no intention of leaving. From the horses's back, Branwyn is able to strike one of the creatures with her sword, while the horse tramples another underfoot, taking a long scratch in the shoulder.  On her next attempt, Branwyn loses her grip on her sword, but thankfully, the two remaining creatures, both injured, elect to run away rather than stand and fight.  Branwyn breathes a sigh of relief, grumbles about the awful shape of her armor, which being made of soft leather, was easily sliced by the creatures' claws, recovers her sword, and treats the horse's wound.  As they set off, again attempting to follow the trail, Branwyn realizes that she probably ought to give the horse a name.

Owain amazingly manages to keep up with the breakneck pace Kai sets, and by the end of their chase, he can almost see something himself, though he would never own up to it.  Suddenly, they leave the woods and the mist behind, and find themselves standing at the edge of a long valley plain.  Kai stops, frustrated.  He has lost sight of the goddess.  He glumly turns around, ready to head back to the group, but Owain stops him.

"Are you insane?  You want to go back into the mist?  We don't even know where they are?"

Kai grumbles that he can follow their tracks back, but it seems there is no trail to follow.  He starts hollering for the others, but is quickly shushed by Owain, because shouting for people when you're all alone at the edge of a scary patch of woods is probably a very bad idea.  Eventually, as the sun is near to setting, Kai and Owain make a camp, both grumpy with each other.

Nearly a dozen miles away, around a bend in the valley, Murphy, Chava, and Anfri make camp.  Murphy says his prayers, and is very glum, predicting that it will be a long night without others to share watches.  Chava just rolls her eyes at him and sets up a protective circle.

A few miles upslope, where the mist is starting to clear, Branwyn sets up her own camp.

Traveling West: Part II
in which very little happens

travel, not much eventful, stop near a stream for the night, attempt fishing – anfri is the only one who catches anything.  kai has a dream about following Ceridwen through the woods.

Traveling West: Part I

meet up with anfri again, he can take them to the tournament town by way of the woods.  small ambush by greenish imp creatures, owain kills one, branwyn and kai injured (branwyn's armor is having trouble).  healing, stop for night at star platform with broken columns; chava gets the boys to help her put the columns back together.  get a late start the next day.

... where everyone is grumpy except Owain...

questioning by lord, stay over weekend, branwyn goes hunting, kills boar, get offer and reward (offer declined)

Traveling to Falconcrest
is mostly uneventful

see knights, branwyn storms off, gets lost, meets up with anfri, they all get to town but anfri stays outside.

Angharad's Grove
which appears to be a very strange place indeed...

scouting, plan, attack; trees come to life and the earth consumes some poeple; Kai is posessed and in a prophetic frenzy; capture of Hwu; begin traveling to Falconcrest.

The Tower Part III
a battle and an outcome...

Need to actually write up this post:  the big fight – kai shoots things, anfri attacks those coming up the stairs, eira prepares unconscious angharad for sacrifice, branwyn runs to help anfri, defeats mallt, kai jumps down to save angharad from eira, owain and murphy dump holy water on her, causing her to flee; mallt kills herself rather than be a prisoner

purification – angharad pulls the group together to cast a complicated ritual, which has the unexpected result of bringing the tower down around their ears – flee through tunnel eira took to emerge in daylight.  rangers want to follow her, but angharad is reluctant.  reads branwyn's scroll.  decide to head back to angharad's house, take some time to get there

angharad's house – turns out there's a bunch of bad guys circled around angharad's home.  oops what will we do next?


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