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  • Falconcrest

    Converted and upgraded from an ancient Welsh holding, this castle is built for defense.  The keep backs up to the edge of a cliff, and is guarded in front by a sturdy wall and two towers.  While the garrison was originally built to house near …

  • Baron Terrence Falconcrest

    When they first heard of him, the Baron was an obscure figure, who was presumed to be ignoring the troubles of the townsfolk of Pentrebyrn while they were beset by bandits.

    Upon later observation, it is not entirely clear what is going on.  …

  • Geraint the Warder

    Sir Geraint seems taciturn but fair.  He proposes that the company represent the Baron at the Mayfair tourney, but is soundly turned down.

    Geraint is married to Lady Amelia (the Baron's sister), and they have three daughters, Anna, Marie …