Game System

This system is a homebrew creation.  My father developed it when he was in college, and it's evolved from there.  I am currently working on actually intelligible typed up handbooks (his notes are painstaking to go through), but as I've played the game since I was a child, I'm familiar enough with the system to run a campaign without.


The setting is the middle ages, which gives us lots of leeway, as the general idea is that everything that the people of the time believed could be possible, is.  Character classes are consistent with the classes in most fantasy roleplaying games, except there are more nuances for magic users.  Generally the system is a D20 system, although skill rolls are based on percent success.

Character Classes

* Alchemist : Chava

* Wizard

* Magician

* Bard : Owain ap Cwm

* Knight

* Ranger : Kai ap Rhys,Braenwyn

* Paladin

* Cleric

* Monk : Murphy O'Shenanigan

* Druid

* Lady

* Theif



The magic system used in this game is based on Authentic Thaumaturgy by Isaac Bonewits, with some modifications.  This means that, while being very open-ended, magic users have to put more time into their characters to actually be able to 'do stuff'.  I find this more satisfying than canned magic, but it can be something of a pain.

Game System

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