Owain ap Cwm

Always ready with a smile or a quip, happy to tell tales and sing songs, Owain's feet will take him wide and far in search of adventures to capture in song and verse


Stories Owain can tell:

Well Known Welsh Tales

-Gorm the Brave


-Bran the Blessed


Owain Tales

-The Bandits (two parts)

-Maiden in a Tower (fanciful, based on dreams)

-Branwyn gets a Boar

-When Owain Saved the Day

-Kai, a snake, and a horse

-The Falcon (fanciful, extension of actual event)




Owain's kind of a wimp as far as matters of strength go, but he's nimble and quick (of both fingers and feet – helps with the instruments and gets him out of trouble if he's in it). He is knowledgeable of events and stories in the world around him and shares his songs and stories pretty freely. He's trustworthy and honest – almost to a fault, but not quite.  He's not a wise old sage – he's a youthful, often goofy, musical fun!

Owain ap Cwm

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