Angharad Geli

does she ever give anyone a straight answer?


Angharad Geli, or Angharad of the Grove, is a woman who usually likes to be alone.  So what motives does she have for approaching our band of travelers?  What does she know about Branwyn's past? And what are her connections to the Druids?

Known only vaguely by the villagers at Pentrebyrn, Angharad goes into town once or twice a month to sell herbs to Pedr Dryleaf, the herbalist.  She also provides items for the local midwife, and locally available seasonings to both inns.  No one really knows where she is from, or what else she does. 

Angharad carries a tall, oak staff, and wears a green cloak over a long brown tunic and a brown skirt which barely falls to her ankles.  Her hair is brown, and her eyes green, and look very much like a cat's eyes.  She doesn't appear to believe in shoes as a means of protecting one's feet.

On the night of their first meeting, Chava watched Angharad appear and disappear from shadows, though it is unclear what exactly she did in order to pull it off.  Angharad seemed very unhappy about circumstances regarding the group's contact with the ominous tower, and eventually got around to asking (by way of an order) for them to come help her deal with it.  She recognizes Branwyn's seal as the mark of an Order of Druids, though she remains tight-lipped about everything else.

Angharad's 'house' is in a grove about half a day's journey south of Pentrybern.  She refuses to accompany the adventurers because she has 'business' to take care of; first the restoration of peace in the grove, and second (most likely) some further investigation as to the activities of the Morwen druids.

Angharad Geli

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